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Never Giving Up



Hello! We are Sean and Joanna. We are homeless and asking for money to live. Our goal to end homelessness is to buy an RV and pay for rent. We have started online business and some stability to be able to work on it will help us succeed. Joanna is currently panhandling outside every day, and sean is working online.

Our story starts with our family, we have a daughter who is 9. When she was 6, we were suspicious of the school she was going to, and someone called DCYF. We were living in RI, where family court admits heresay. The social worker was telling us irrational things(that sean needed to take methadone to quit acetaminophen) and we were scared for our daughter’s safety at school. Joanna’s family had offered to help with education, so we moved her to MA with my older sister, and she has an excellent school now. We continued to live and visit when we could, we were always poor and valued family over money. But we do need to survive, and my family got sick of helping us. Seans family is passed or estranged, and my family never accepted him.

Joanna lost employment and could not find another job. Sean tried to start several businesses, his health goes downhill. The landlord refuses to fix problems in our apartment. He threatens eviction but never follows through. The job center says they cannot help me. We are struggling every day to get food.

Our eviction was august 1st 2016. The landlord sold the building, received court eviction papers on the same day i was informed. We stored a few things and moved into our car, chevy cavalier. I took the first job i could get, outdoor pond work when i had been accustomed to staying inside most of the time. By the end of the first week I couldn’t work, the sun poisoning had me going to the bathroom every hour. I felt better monday, then had a sinus infection that took a month to get over.

Getting a van by Thanksgiving! The cavalier had too many problems, and Joanna’s father spent $3,000 for a chrysler van. It was an upgrade, and her father keeps it repaired.
Visits with our daughter are on weekends when she is at Grandma’s. These become unpredictable and I’m not told about it. Attemps to go her house are not supported, and we can’t afford the gas. July of 2017 we received court papers, my older sister wants guardianship. We are devastated, depressed, angry, hurt, ready to fight. No communication is going on. We cannot talk to joanna’s sister, and have not seen our daughter. Court takes a long time.

By the fall of 2017 we had been looking for quiet places to park, and found some, but the best was to be close to a food source. Joanna met with her lawyer but was sick for the court date. Begging on the street corner pays slightly better than minimum wage. We are starting our business, Sean had learned a great deal about SEO and server inner details, our extra time money and energy goes into working.

There are a few barriers to getting a “regular” job like people are pushing us to. Being clean with fresh clothes every day is not feasable. We use wipes, take out the trash, and try to be organized. The job has to pay enough to be worth doing, if there’s an application Joanna has anxiety. Past experience tells me my new co-workers will lie about me, get me fired because i don’t speak their language. The business ideas Sean has are great, but he is a one-man-army, underfunded. He is best at leading the group, with no official resume, and plenty of life experience.

Somedays the pain is too distracting for him to work. MS and arthritis have flare-ups. He has a unique skillset and requirements for healthy living, we do try to be healthy. Natural methods work well and pain meds are limited to OTC NSAIDs.

Odd jobs and begging are how we get by every day. Few days are easy, usually making just enough. Sometimes just standing out there and holding my sign is difficult, miss my daughter so much. Some days are 20° high, or it’s raining and I’m not prepared. We have recently started an amazon affiliate site, and see moderate success, although it will take several months to receive any profits. We will be updating so come back and visit again!

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